A contemporized take on a traditional and rare circus act. A six-metre-tall iron pole towers over the audience. A solo acrobat performs breathtaking stunt and feats of strength and grace making the audience literally gasp. There is no dialogue, no faff, just expert choreography and insane skills, culminating in a handstand at the very top of the pole, topping out at 7.6 metres high.

You have never seen anything like this before.


Please chose from our range of packages or contact our friendly team to discuss your event requirements.



  • 1 x performance of Iron Pole (6mins)           
  • 2hr rig and de-rig

Fee: $1000



  • 1 x performance of Iron Pole (6mins)           
  • 2hr rig and de-rig

 Fee: $1000

Additional costs may be incurred if new rigging points require installation. Talk to our friendly team about easy installation solutions.

The above rates are based on events taking place in Perth Metropolitan area. If 200kms or more from Perth CBD, travel costs will be calculated at 72cents per km. Accommodation may be required if event is further than 200km from Perth CBD. If event is interstate, please talk to the team about travel options.

Tech Specs


  • 8 metres height
  • 3 metre diameter audience exclusion zone at the base of the pole.
  • Rigging points x 3; If outdoor we will install rigging points as pegs, driven into the ground during bump in and removed during bump out.

If indoor, floor points or wall points anywhere between floor and 4 metres high are required to secure guy lines to. These points should be rated to a minimum of 500kg WLL.

  • Guy lines and all rigging equipment (excepting affixed floor and or wall points) will be provided and installed by us. Guy lines and ratchets will be rigged at a 45 degree angle from the top of the 6 metre pole, resulting in a radius of 6 metres from pole base at floor level. Each point will ideally be equidistant from the others. There is some room for movement in the placement of points and alterations can be discussed if required.
  • The ground or stage under the pole will be required to hold 500kg, distributed over a 200mm round plate. Standard staging has been fine for every previous install over the last decade of our experience, but each install should be examined individually. Underfloor Acro prop reinforcement is a cost minimal, invisible and elegant solution if required.
  • No Bubble acts or acts throwing liquids to be programmed in the immediate vicinity of the pole prior to the pole act due to safety concerns.
  • Strobing Lx effects or black out Lx states to be discussed prior to act.