A Thespian acrobat, replete with pantaloons and feathered flat cap, performing breathtaking stunts with charming aplomb.

The Bard can perform as a member of a line up, offering a choice of a 5 or 10 minute solo act. Or as a standalone 40 minute solo show.

Expect to see backflips, pirouettes on hands, and crazy moments like a handstand balanced on blocks a metre high over a hunting arrow!

The Bard delivers Shakespearian style verse amidst Aussie slang, wooing the audience with comedy while leaving them breathless from acrobatic displays of skill.


Please chose from our range of packages or contact our friendly team to discuss your event requirements.



  • 1 x performance of The Bard (5mins)                   

Total Fee: $600



  •  1 x performance of The Bard (10mins)       

Total Fee: $650



  • 1 x performance of The Bard (40mins)        

Total Fee: $700

The above rates are based on events taking place in Perth Metropolitan area. If 200kms or more from Perth CBD, travel costs will be calculated at 72cents per km. Accommodation may be required if event is further than 200km from Perth CBD.

If event is interstate, please talk to the team about travel options. This show fits in a suitcase and is tour-able by plane.

Tech Specs

The Bard is a totally self-contained act and only requires an area of 4 meters in diameter if outdoor or a minimum of 3m x 2m stage indoors. There is a height requirement of 3 meters.

The Bard uses a Samson Wireless Airline 77 receiver, patched into a sound system via an XLR cable. Venue/event sound infrastructure can be used if preferred but must be XLR compatible.

If desired, The Bard act and/or solo show can contain elements of fire. This will require isolation of fire warning and suppression systems. Venue management must be informed of the use of fire prior to tech runs or the execution of the act/show when tech rehearsals are not scheduled.